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Welcome to Advocare Nephrology of South Jersey

At Advocare Nephrology of South Jersey our providers specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of renal (kidney) diseases, including both the conditions these diseases can produce, such as hypertension, as well as disease that can cause kidney failure, such as diabetes. They are committed to providing high quality, comprehensive and up-to-date care for patients with kidney disease in a courteous, respectful and timely manner.
We provide care at several different geographically convenient locations in South Jersey. We also continue caring for you at local health systems such Virtua Health in Voorhees & Marlton as well as Jefferson Health in Washington Township. Your care will also continue at several different dialysis centers in the area. 
Our specialties include:

Is the study of the function and diseases of the kidney and related organs

Problem Hypertension
We help individuals who have blood pressure readings that are chronically above the normal range.

Management of Co-Morbidities in Chronic Kidney Disease
We diagnose and treat the anemia associated with chronic kidney disease.  Treatment of this problem can improve quality of life and appears to have a cardiovascular benefits.  Patients with chronic kidney disease also are at risk for bone disease called secondary hyperparathyroidism, which is also managed by our providers.

Electrolyte Disorders
Our providers also manage disturbances in the body's ability to properly handle sodium, potassium calcium, and magnesium.

Hemodialysis & Peritoneal Dialysis
We also manage the care of patients receiving hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatments, servicing few outpatient units.